Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starve a Vampire: Donate blood

It’s amazing how many people can but don’t donate blood. Did you know if you gave blood you can save 3 people?  I don’t give every 3 months like I could but I do give at least once a year.  This year I gave twice.  I just wanted to share some fun facts about blood and donation.
~4.5 million Americans would die each year without life saving blood transfusions.

~Approximately 32,000 pints of blood are used each day in the United States.

~Every three seconds someone needs blood

~On average, a hip replacement typically uses one unit of blood, a cardiac bypass 2 units, a heart transplant 2 units, and a liver transplant 10 units!
~More than 1 million new people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment.
Donate blood
So do you have a family member with cancer?  Did your mom or dad have a heart transplant?  How many of your grandparents has had a hip replacement?  Are you one of those that just doesn’t have the time, afraid of needles or just doesn’t care? What if everyone had that same attitude would your loved one be alive today?  Would they have survived their surgery if no one had donated?  Please donate.  Please save a life.  You never know if you will be the one needing the blood when you come into my ER.
1213239_orig  You don’t have to just give at the Red Cross your local hospital usually has a blood bank on sight.  Just call most times you don’t even need an appointment.


Ann Worthington said...

I have never donated blood. I would though. My blood type is A-. I'm not sure that's very common, so I should donate.

tottergirl said...

Great timing. I donated blood after work today. :-) I do every 8 weeks, usually on the first day I am eligible to donate again.

Funny thing is it really doesn't hurt except the finger prick to get a drop to test for iron.

Ann Worthington, you really should donate! It is an awesome feeling!

Ashley said...

I have tried to donate blood at least 8 times in the past, and only been successful twice. The nurses always give up on sticking the vein! I'm told I have tiny veins that tend to roll. I've tried drinking tons of water ahead of time, and I've squeezed the little hand-squeezy for almost an hour before, and the nurse still gave up. It's disappointing to me, because I want to help and don't have any problem with blood or needles. I would show up to donate every time I'm eligible, but I haven't found a nurse patient enough to keep trying beyond two attempts at getting the vein. Do you have any advice on helping the nurse stick the vein?

Leeanna said...

Ann, I worked in a Blood Bank in a hospital. All blood types are needed badly.

O- is the most needed. Reason being it is the UNIVERSAL GIVER. Anyone needing blood in an emergency will get O-. BUT an O- person needing blood can only get O-.

AB+ is the UNIVERSAL RECEIVER. Meaning a type AB+ person can get any blood type.

This might help if anyone needs further questions answered.