Thursday, October 13, 2011

Surrounded by Vampires

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I never realize that I was surrounded in my life by vampires.  Not the kind you see on horror movies, that drink blood or even change into a bat.  I am talking about the petty “vampires”. You know the type.  These vampires are seen on  most reality shows, who drink drama and heartache and change into drama llama. I am not saying that I am perfect by far.  I have spread gossip I have heard.  Everyone has at some point or another.  But these people live on drama and can’t seem to survive without rocking the boat.  Let’s start at work.  We had a nurse ask the night shift charge nurse to let some nurses go home if it continued to be slow.  Which rarely happens.  Well after dayshift left we got slammed.  In fact no one left early and we just couldn’t keep our heads above water…so when day shift came in the next morning.  Joking and smiling I said YEA our relief is here…please for the love of God don’t mention being slow again tonight.  Which apparently snow balled into them talking really bad about me behind my back. WTH?  I wasn’t ugly about.  I told them we were crazy all night.  I just don’t see the problem.  But I was then pulled in the office for some bullshit by the dayshift charge.  She try to say some patient in room 3 was mad how I treated them.  I told her I was never in that room.  I was taking care of the GI bleed in another room.  I never saw that patient and couldn’t even tell you what they were here for.  She made it sound like I had my name on the chart.  I told her to pull the   chart.  Then she started to change her tune.  Well maybe the patient was mistaken.  Whatever.  I just won’t joke with them anymore sheesh.
Then you have METH HO drama she got pissed off at ANN and tried to run her and my kid off the road when she was barreling down the road.  I message her on FB and told her to keep her drama crap at home.  That there was no excuse for her to try to kill my kid because she was pissed off.  She told me she didn’t do that.  When my 12 yr old said different.  I pretty much told her that if she tried that shit again she would find herself in jail.
Of course you have the drama in the ER, where some patient’s suck the life right out of you.  Or the doctors that should be a little more caring and just assume they are druggies.  Some people actually come to the ER for the right reasons.
My brother in law is driving this whole family insane with his aliment.  If he would just do what the doctor says.  He acts like he has a MD behind his name and knows more that the doctors.  When he bitches about his leg or the fact it’s going to be cut off I want to scream at him I TOLD YOU SO DUMB ASS.  I hate that he makes ANN do everything.  Makes me want to smack the crap out of him. I swear ANN has the patience of JOB because I would have smothered him with a pillow along time ago.  She could definitely plead the Insanity case and win.  Heck the Judge is probably tired of seeing him and thank her anyway.
All I want to say to these “vampires” is


Ann Worthington said...

Maybe the nurse who was saying that crap is jealous of you. Ya never know.
I wish Meth Ho would run herself off the road into a lake full of sharks.
I don't know how you handle the ER drama. All the drug addicts and crap? UGH! I would shoot people.
I've tried to smother him, he won't die. :(

Leeanna said...

OMG!! I am so relieved that I move away from my family. My sisters and brothers were driving me to do drugs. Seriously!!!